AMD Radeon r5 graphics is a computer core processor that has an in-built graphics card onboard. AMD launch the sales of it in September 2014 with the main aim at gamers. The article will serve as a great source of information about the essential characteristics and performance scores of the processor.

The main features and specifications of the processor

There is AMD Radeon r5 Integrated Graphics and AMD Radeon r5 M430 graphics card and they have different specifications.

The specifications of the integrated graphical card:

  • The ability to clock the memory speed through the system;
  • The volume and type of the memory depends on the system of the user;
  • The limit of the graphics card clocking reaches 800 MHz;
  • The number of units for shaders is 128;
  • The high float performance of 204.8 GFLOPS.

The comparable M430 graphics card specs:

  • The limit of the memory clocking reaches 1746 MHz;
  • User can overclock the card to 855 MHz
  • 320 available Shading Units
  • 4 GB of DDR3 video memory;
  • 547.2 GFLOPs of the float performance.

Even though the difference is significant, it is essential to take into account the fact that integrated graphics card has completely different structure and does not add massively to the value of the system.

The features of integrated in Radeon R5 graphics card

This is very convenient card for the ordinary PC users who do not push their devices to the limits of graphic performance. Its main purpose is to be able to meet the basic needs of the PC user, such as video render or using streaming services.

You will be able to launch older games with minimum requirements. In addition, it shares memory space with other applications running on the computer, not just video games, which implies that the memory volume that is left for the games will be low.

The features of M430 graphics card from AMD

This graphics card come from the same generation of hardware as an R5 processor, but it has higher performance scores due to the independence from the system. In fact, this is the most powerful graphics card from the line, let alone integrated chips.

Benchmarks and scores in performance tests

The AMD Radeon R5 benchmark results are about 97.8% lower than the ones of the leaders of the graphics cards market. However, the performance of the processor core is placed from 95th to the 5th place, which makes it only 0.63% percent lower than the competitors. This means that it is very consistent.


The graphics card of the Radeon R5 lineup are quite outdated by today’s standards. Integrated graphics card have to use all the resources to perform different tasks, which makes them even less efficient. On the other hand, the separate GPUs of the series are not far ahead, considering the specifications of the leading cards.

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