Express VPN is one of the most popular VPN services, that allows you access to the internet while keeping your activity secure. It gives you access to restricted and censored content all around to world this includes videos, music, social media, website, etc. Even though this virtual private network is popular among users, most of them are not aware of the importance of activating it with an Express VPN activation code.

The article will not only describe the benefits of an activated program but it will also describe the easiest way to activate it.

Find out the number of your code for activation

It is very important to understand the benefits of activated application, and one of the biggest advantages of it is that it gives you access to 160 server locations worldwide. So where do users get the special codes to get access to the improved services? After downloading Express VPN application try to follow the tips:

  • Create or enter to your account;
  • If you have purchased the license for the application you will be able to find the code in a special place, under the “set up” function.

The easiest way to apply the activation code

Try to remember or save your activation code because the application can request it in some following situations:

  • Installing the program on the multiple devices using a single account;
  • When trying to log in the account for the second or third time in a row;
  • After deleting the program and installing it again;
  • After the expiration of the current license, when the user wants to enter a new activation code.

These are the most common situations when the user may need an activation code again.

What should a user do after the expirations of the current license?

After getting the notification that states that the current license has expired or the code is incorrect. You may want to consider the following piece of advice to solve the problem.

There is a probability that you typed it in wrong or it has actually expired. To confirm it wasn’t a mistake, copy the activation code from the website and paste or enter your account to confirm that you are still using the application and it is valid.

If after all this you have confirmed that your activation code has expired then it is best to contact ExpressVPN customer service for help.

Final thoughts

It is very important to know your Express VPN activation code as it allows you to enjoy your use of Express VPN. With Express be rest assured that your IP address stays hidden, network data is encrypted so that no one can have access to your online activity. 

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